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the Bell Super

A major upgrade of the Bell Super Cobra known as the H 1 programme is underway. The programme calls for the remanufacture of the US Marine Corps fleet of 180 AH 1W Super Cobra and 100 UH 1N utility helicopters to an advanced four bladed configuration, which will operate to beyond 2020. An upgraded cockpit configuration allows easy co pilot access to the night targeting system (NTS).

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The Anteaters came into the game with a 2 1 record of their own over the weekend, with their only loss coming against the reigning national champion, Stanford. The Bears, however, were able to come out on top and dominate the Anteaters on both ends of the pool to win, 9 4. The Bears were led by Antal, who had four goals, and by a strong performance from sophomore goalkeeper Madeline Trabucco, who had 10 saves.

outdoor led display Because of its location on the trench, unusual birds are sometimes seen here, including Ruddy Duck, Black Scoter and the most northerly sightings of American Coot. Yellow water lily blooms carpet the lake surface in July. Sharp tailed Grouse are commonly seen in the open aspen woodlands outdoor led display.