Festival Tour

Festival tours need to be planned in advance for better services especially room accommodation and air ticket booking has to be done as early as possible since most tourists target the festival season. But last minute bookings can also be arranged; it will be difficult but not impossible.

Festival tours revolve around the dates given below and the dates keep changing every year. You will find below a sample tour package.






1  PUNAKHA DRUBCHHEN  PUNAKHA  27th Feb to 02nd March
2  PUNAKHA TSHECHU  PUNAKHA  03rd  to 05th March
3  CHHORTEN KORA  RASHIYANGTSHE  08th March & 22nd March
4  GOMPHUKORA  TRASHIGANG  31st March to 02nd April
5  PARO TSHECHU  PARO  02nd to 06th April
6  CHHUKHA TSHECHU  CHHUKHA  04th to 06th April
7  URA TSHECHU  BUMTHANG  02nd to 06th May
8  NIMALUNG TSHECHU  BUMTHANG  27th to 29th June
10  THIMPHU DRUBCHEN  THIMPHU  20th to 24th September
11  WANGDUE TSHECHU  WANGDUEPHODRANG  23rd to 25th September
12  TAMSHING PHALA CHHOEPA  BUMTHANG  24th to 26th September
13  THIMPHU TSHECHU  THIMPHU  25th to 27th September
14  THANGBI MANI  BUMTHANG  29th Sept to 01st October
15  JAMBAY LHAKHANG DRUB  BUMTHANG  29th Oct to 02nd November
16  PRAKHAR TSHECHU  BUMTHANG  30th Oct to 01st November
17  MONGAR TSHECHU  MONGAR  20th to 23rd November
19  TRASHIGANG TSHECHU  TRASHIGANG  21st to 24th November
20  NALAKHAR TSHECHU  BUMTHANG  28th to 30th November
21  TRONGSA TSHECHU  TRONGSA  21st to 23rd December
 22  LHUENTSE TSHECHU  LHUENTSE  21st to 23rd December

*Note: Although all efforts have been made to confirm dates, actual dates may be subject to change due to auspicious calculations of Buddhist monks and astrology charts, and unexpected omens. Please confirm with us in advance for particular festival dates.

This itinerary offers an in-depth experience of Bhutan as you will be witnessing one of the greatest of Bhutan’s glorious Himalayan Buddhist dance festivals known as Paro Tsechu. As spring warms the mountains, the dancers in magnificent masks and brilliant silk costumes take on the aspects of peaceful and wrathful deities as they illustrate and re-enact Buddhist teachings and legends. Spring is a beautiful time in Paro, with flowers and blooming trees scenting the air of the peaceful mountain valleys, serene and lovely beneath the snow-covered peaks high above. Witness the once-a-year display of the great scroll known as the Thongdroel on the final day of the festival, which is said to confer great blessings upon the onlookers. Then set out to explore more of Bhutan off the beaten track with various day hikes that will take you through the wilderness to the isolated temples and monasteries and to high passes with breathtaking mountain sceneries that are accessible only on foot, offering rewards normally reserved for much longer itineraries in the high Himalaya. No doubt! This is an ultimate choice to see Bhutan at its best.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Bangkok – Paro
Day 2: Hike to Taktsang Monastery
Day 3: Day at Paro Tsechu
Day 4: Chele La Ridge Hike
Day 5: Another Day at Paro Tsechu
Day 6: Paro – Thimphu
Day 7: Hike to Cheri monastery
Day 9: Dochu La – Punakha
Day 10: Punakha
Day 11: Punakha – Paro
Day 12: Paro – Bangkok
The detailed itinerary