Books about Bhutan

Books about Bhutan

A wide range of books are now available about Bhutan, covering various unique aspect of this fascinating mountain Kingdom. Some of the useful and popular books are listed below:

Odyssey Passport Bhutan by Francoise Pommaret gives a brief overview of Dragon Kingdom, supported by attractive photographs.

Lonely Planet Bhutan by Stan Armington is one of the most comprehensive guide books on Bhutan.

Bhutan – Mountain Fortress of the Gods edited by Christian Schiklgruber & Francoise Pommaret provides in depth information on Bhutan’s History, Geography, Cultural and Natural Heritage, Economy and Development Perspectives, Ethnic Mosaic and Religion.

Wild Rhododendrons of Bhutan by Rebecca Pradhan, offers valuable insights on Bhutan’s natural wealth particularly 46 species of rhododendrons so far recorded in the country.

An Introduction to Bird watching in Bhutan by Carol and Tim Inskipp, a WWF publication providing sketches and description of different bird species available in the country.

Trees and Shrubs of Nepal and the Himalayas by Adrian & Jimmie Storrs is one of the best field books available on forests of Bhutan.

Traditional Bhutanese Textile by Barbara Adams is the first published study of Bhutanese textiles.

An Introduction to Traditional Architecture of Bhutan by Department of Works, Housing and Roads, Bhutan provides interesting information on traditional Bhutanese architecture.

From the Land of the Thunder Dragon: Textile Arts of Bhutan by Diana K. Myers is a detailed study of traditional Bhutanese textiles.

Birds of Bhutan by Carol Inskipp, Tim Inskipp and Richard Grimmett is a compact bird guide.

In the Himalayas, Journeys through Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan by Jeremy Bernstein, a classic book on the people, palaces and politics of the Himalayan countries.

Concise Flowers of the Himalaya by Oleg Polunin & Adam Stainton, a portable version of the classic flowers of the Himalayas.

The Hero with a Thousand Eyes by Karma Ura is a historical novel providing insight information in the early days of 20th century.

The Thunder Dragon Kingdom by Steven K. Berry is account of 1986 British mountaineering expedition attempt on Gangkhar Puensum.

Bhutan and its Natural Resources is a collection of essays on ecology and environment published by Sherubtse College of Bhutan.

Bhutan: Environment, Culture and Development Strategy by P. P. Karan chronicles major developments in the country up to year 1985.

The Raven Crown by Michael Aris is the history of Bhutan’s monarchy.

Bhutan: A Visual Odyssey across the Last Himalayan Kingdom checks in at more than 5 x 7 feet and weighs 133 pounds. Certified by Guinness World Records as the largest published book in the world, it features 112 pages of spectacular images and showcases a variety of digital, photographic and printing techniques. Each copy is printed only on demand, and uses a roll of paper longer than a football field, more than a gallon of ink and 24 hours’ printing time. It is on display in the National Library in the capital, Thimphu.